Ah ! I wonder the percentage of people who would have avidly looked up the meaning of the title of this post. For others who knew the meaning evidently from GRE practice or a tad extra common sense, you know what this post might be about.
Hello world ! My name is Prashanth Rajan. In giving a specific break-down of what I may perceive to be a suitable enough description, I would like to live life to the fullest. I somewhat find switching to different shades of my life to my liking, add to it a bit of persona and mystery. An ardent fan of LOTR, please do not start me on that. It is for your own good. I am still trying to understand the whole meaning of life. It is a infinite journey, but what I do not understand wholly is I cannot see myself the way others see me. I could not, probably will not, and better should not. Different shades of life in the sense I might come across as a typical nerd one day, but the other you might just find me dozing off life with absolutely nothing on my mind. Complete blankness is an obsessed ecstasy by itself. One day I might be a hippy sports-tennis guy, the other you may find a secret crime fighter. You never know. I love being myself, though this boldness of mine does face stern criticism in the light of some provocative actions. There is a lot to me than that meets the eye. But if I said it all, it would mean a complete waste, wouldn't you like to find that out by yourself ? I would love to find that someone who shall make thy complete. No one can be 'complete' in the literal sense, but hell, who says complete has a stereotyped meaning ? To each own, his own meaning of life. Until then, the avid seeker in me will always be on the prowl, garnering answers to make his meaning of life, or something like it. Adios !

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