Disclaimer: The below viewpoints are strictly my own.
One of my favorite pastimes include trying to marvel on symmetry, finding relations between Science and Life and getting constantly amazed at God’s own creations. I am of the view that Life is an open set which can be understood in a better way using God’s own language. To put forth my view point, Let’s take a hypothetical specimen. Take his/her age in years on the x-axis. Life on the y-axis.( Life here must not confused with either his/her duration of living). It just refers to happenings and events that leave an impact on his/her life. Now to make it less complex, we will kick out the third dimension and just make it a 2-dimensional x-y plane with no negative axis.
At the time of the birth, We start at the origin. Consequently, taking a normal person’s life( Supposing he grows up with the support of his parents, goes to school and proceeds with the life of a normal human being), the curve increases steadily with value of the slope wavering on either sides of (ѳ=45°). Let s take an event which has a positive impact on one’s life. For example, scoring a good mark in the tenth grade results in increase of the slope, the curve has a larger Δy. Hence resulting in the outcome of Happiness. Then slowly the curve retains normalcy. Then as life progresses, supposing the person completes a bachelor degree, then after a few years gets kicked out of his job. His life experiences a negative influence as a consequence on the unfortunate turn of events. The slope takes a negative value as there is a decrement in y with increment in x. State of Sadness/Depression results. Contentment will only result from a steady increase in both the parameters. It is also seen that both these extreme states of the mind result as a outcome of change in events. The degree to which a certain event influences your life and in turn makes the curve take abrupt turns solely influence the different states of happiness and sadness. Let’s just examine a sample curve with notable events making up for the change in states in a specimen’s life:

Parameters controlling the curve:

The shape of the curve is a direct result of your own actions. I would not get philosophical here stressing on the details, but let’s say it is a person’s hard work that gets him good results in the exams and so on. On that note, more or less, we do control our life in most cases lest sometimes there be divine interruption or instances where we blame occurrences to fate. Anyhow, a major part of our life can be controlled by us, and it is up to us to mould the curve to our liking, to make sure that the past does not have a negative influence on our future. That is, a dipping curve must not continue to dip.
On an ending note, I would invite people to pour in their own ways of associating Life with Mathematics. Drop in with your views !

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On March 10, 2010 at 6:21 PM , Anonymous Someone said...


life is not always a fun equation, but you can always make the situation bearable like in the example above.

On March 23, 2010 at 11:13 PM , nituscorner said...

goodness numbers were never my fav. but then yes life is all about equations if you look at it the mathematical way.....may be balance equations.

On March 31, 2010 at 9:59 PM , Marvis said...

To be a bit philosophical, Life is a Brownian motion with a usually positive drift. The Drift may change with time and so may the volatility. Also, it depends on how you define life, what "measure" you use to quantify Life. For people who do not try to evolve or rather "de-evolve", the measure with they quantify life could be "Materialistic Comfort". For those who want to evolve, the "Measure" could be "Knowledge".
My philosophy is to lead a life with positive drift and minimum volatility, the "middle path" as Buddha says.

On March 31, 2010 at 10:03 PM , Marvis said...

In case, you are interested in Brownian motion and Measure. see below



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