Time and again I have been spellbound by God's creations. Music has been an integral part of life. With keen observation, you will agree with me when I say one can find music in many forms, not just the ones you listen conceived by humans. Nature has been enchanting in its ways. Lets say you close your eyes and listen to the chirping of birds. The rustling of the leaves. It all forms a rhythmic pattern. It is like all elements of nature follow some system which they evolve and procure over the ages. One such facet of God's endless creations is Music. It is undoubtedly one of the arts conceived by the supreme one. Not only is it pleasing for the senses, but has mysterious effects as well.

Over the past few days, I have been plagued by this particular cogitation which persistently storms my head and creates a firm footprint but still doesn't find a suitable answer.Its like this- you remember a music track that you are listening to when a important part/event of your life happens. Suppose I was listening to a song of coldplay minutes before a math exam, and suppose I do well in that exam, then everytime I listen to that same particular song, that familiar chord strikes in me bringing back memories of that good Math exam. Now the song may or may not be a great one, but I would still remember that pre-exam preparation whenever the song plays in my head because i closely associate that song with something that coincided with a particular event in my life. And I would listen to that song with all my heart and enjoy it very well. Similarly say some song played in your head while you were going through a difficult part of your life, say a breakup or something, then everytime you hear that song, you get reminded of that one particular sad event and you are appalled from listening to that song. No matter how great the song may be, you still shy away from that song and you dont want to get reminded of pasts you would like to forget. You interrupt that song in the middle and just shut your mind away from it.

All this makes me stand up and think. Why is music a great tool for remembering certain other parts of memories ? How is it even connected to other parts of memory ? Now lets not get all scientific and say that a particular image that is envisaged in your brain is stored in some particular part of the cerebrum and thus helps connect to other parts of memory. A basic ideology is that all memories are interlinked and the ones which we dwell on are the ones we like. But sometimes there is intertagging and some part of the memory which you dont like springs up along with some additional memory which you dislike not because you dislike it individually but because you disliked its associated memory-part. Is it just me or do the people out there have some song playing in their head everytime they get reminded of a sad event ? It can be vice-versa too. I am still finding answers on this one.

Every time you listen to a particular song or it just virtually plays in your head, do crystal clear memories come back to you ? The depth of the clearness so astonishing in detail that you are sure you couldn't have remembered it better ? Does the envisaged memory become more detailed as the song progresses ? Do you stop thinking about that past event if you stop listening to that song ? A lot of questions in my mind need answering. Is there any parallel with music that will make a sub-conscious mind remember a event with precise detail given it were closely associated with it ? The other parts of life which I dont have suitable answers is the interlinking of senses. I will come up with that in a later post. Hope this post made you a bit philosophical !
Ah ! I wonder the percentage of people who would have avidly looked up the meaning of the title of this post. For others who knew the meaning evidently from GRE practice or a tad extra common sense, you know what this post might be about.
Hello world ! My name is Prashanth Rajan. In giving a specific break-down of what I may perceive to be a suitable enough description, I would like to live life to the fullest. I somewhat find switching to different shades of my life to my liking, add to it a bit of persona and mystery. An ardent fan of LOTR, please do not start me on that. It is for your own good. I am still trying to understand the whole meaning of life. It is a infinite journey, but what I do not understand wholly is I cannot see myself the way others see me. I could not, probably will not, and better should not. Different shades of life in the sense I might come across as a typical nerd one day, but the other you might just find me dozing off life with absolutely nothing on my mind. Complete blankness is an obsessed ecstasy by itself. One day I might be a hippy sports-tennis guy, the other you may find a secret crime fighter. You never know. I love being myself, though this boldness of mine does face stern criticism in the light of some provocative actions. There is a lot to me than that meets the eye. But if I said it all, it would mean a complete waste, wouldn't you like to find that out by yourself ? I would love to find that someone who shall make thy complete. No one can be 'complete' in the literal sense, but hell, who says complete has a stereotyped meaning ? To each own, his own meaning of life. Until then, the avid seeker in me will always be on the prowl, garnering answers to make his meaning of life, or something like it. Adios !